Movie Theatre Rental Tips

One way to save on entertainment costs for corporate events, meetings or family gatherings is to book movie theatre rentals at the movies. Renting out a large screen is a fantastic way to add excitement to any event. With many movie theatres now showing films in high definition, there are more opportunities to grab the biggest bang for your buck. Renting out a large screen is also a great way to expand an event’s guest list. In addition to attracting guests that normally wouldn’t be at the event, renting out a large screen for the same price as four individual movie tickets can increase the overall number of guests at the event, thus making the event more successful.

For some corporate events, movie theatre rental is even a better option than booking an expensive hotel room because of the convenience and affordable costs. However, many corporate events such as events focused around a new product launching or company headquarters have limited spaces. Movie theatres sometimes do not accommodate large groups of people well. In these instances, booking a small one-seat or two-seat show may be a better option to attract a larger crowd. This is especially true when the event is in a highly targeted market such as the children’s stage, event food or corporate events team dining kids date night. Smaller screens may be easier to handle in the small spaces provided, and a smaller screen will be easier to use and operate.

For corporate events team dining or kids’ date night, it’s important to get the best use out of the limited spaces available. If the movie theatre rental doesn’t work out, it’s best to book another one to use in the future. Many venues offer discounts or financing options that can make it possible for groups to rent several different screens, so multiple audiences can see the movie at the same time. For small events with only a few guests, renting multiple screens works out well, and if multiple audiences are interested, consider an all-inclusive deal that includes popcorn, drinks, snacks and a meal for all.

The quality of the movie is also an important factor when choosing a venue. Some theatres have large flat screens, which may be better for showing big name movies. If your budget is small, you may be able to save money by showing the movie outdoors at the back of the house in a backyard space or in an indoor theater space. This allows you to choose the best combination of size, projection, and lighting to best fit your event.

Many movie theatre rental companies offer party packages. These can include anything from a single day rental, a monthly package, or a year-round offering. The price varies depending on the number of movie titles and the length of the rental term. Typically, a larger movie will cost more per day, while a short movie will be cheaper per day. A party package can be a great idea for corporate events, birthday parties, reunions or holiday parties.

For those who want to do it on their own, some movie theatres offer convenient on-site locations for rentals. For example, The Theatre at West Edmonton Common in Canada offers two locations, one on Orchard Road and another on Division Street. There is also a location in Stratford-on-Avon, with four locations. Regardless, of what you choose, movie theatre rental services can provide you with the most successful event possible.