Movie Theatre Popcorn – How Long Do You Have To Make It?

Movie theatres, or any public place for that matter, use movie theatre popcorn to add a nice touch to their shows. Movie after movie is the favourite of popcorn lovers, and they would go to the theatre just to watch another film. What makes movie popcorn the most popular snack? The flavour combinations that come with popcorn are simply amazing. Here are some of the top movie popcorn tastes, to help you choose the best kind of popcorn.

Sea Salt Popcorn – This is one of the cheapest movie theatre popcorn, but has a great crunch and flavour. How to make movie theatre popcorn that’s worth the money? Just mix together some warm water, a teaspoon of salt and 2 tablespoons of butter. Sprinkle over some light salt sprinkles, then drizzle over some light sea salt (so good).

Garden Poppers – For those movie theatre junkies who like a crunchier and tastier popcorn. Try popping some grapes, berries or nuts. For better results, ensure that you leave out all the stems on the kernels. When done, use your hands to gently press the kernels out of the package. A few sprigs of popcorn are all you need for a serving.

Sunflower Seeds – Similar to grapes, nuts and seeds are also great additions to movie theatre popcorn. Popcorn from sunflower seeds goes well with all kinds of flavours. You can try adding some salt to give it that smoky sensation. Popcorn from sunflower seeds can be found in almost every supermarket, and even in some grocery stores. If not, there are bulk vegetable stores who might be able to order them.

Cheese – Popcorn that’s been lightly salted is a perfect base for movie theatre popcorn. You can add any kind of cheese to make it more flavorful. Spread some butter over the popcorn kernels, and sprinkle some salt on top. Popcorn from goat cheese or reduced fat cheese is the perfect snack for movie theatres, as it has a rich taste, and stays fresh for a longer time. However, it does take a bit longer to melt, so you may want to pop these smaller sized chunks first, to allow the melting cheese to take its own sweet time.

These are just some of the snack ideas you can come up with when you think about movie theatre popcorn. The secret is to experiment with the ingredients that you have on hand and come up with a movie theatre popcorn recipe that you think will work for your family. Keep experimenting until you find the right combination, and keep popping away! After a while, you are bound to create your own special combination.