Live Theatre

Theatre or live theatre is a collective form of theatrical performance, which typically uses live performers, usually actors or actresses, who perform in front of an audience at a particular venue, usually a theatre. Theatre artists may be either amateur or professional performers, who often go on to be the face of their particular production and the object of fascination of both the audience and the people watching them.

Theatre has been around for a long time, but it was only after the arrival of the railways and the development of the telegraph and the printing press that there began to take hold as a major form of entertainment. The evolution of theatre over the last hundred years or so has been amazing, particularly with the increasing use of dramatic staging, sound effects and props and costumes which have become more sophisticated. There have also been the addition of more modern methods such as video and computer generated music and images.

There are many popular forms of theatre but the most popular of these is acting and the best known would be drama, comedy and musicals. However, there are other forms of theatre which do not involve an actor or a director but are purely visual in nature such as ballet and opera.

One of the most popular forms of theatre is theatrical cinema, which involves a large number of professionals acting and rehearsing on the screen. This form of entertainment is often highly technical in nature and often requires a lot of talent and a great deal of skill on the part of the performers. Another popular form of live theatre is theatre tourism which involves travelling to a particular country to see a live performance. There is a certain degree of historical interest in the countries where theatre is performed which is one of the reasons why there is such a strong following of people who like to travel to these places for the chance to see a well-known live performance.

As well as the commercial theatres there are also many small theatres which offer live performances as a part of their artistic and creative side. These types of theatres can have a huge impact on the surrounding community and provide an outlet for local musicians and artists as well as providing an opportunity for local children and parents to attend. This provides a great form of entertainment for everyone who comes through the doors.

The growth of live theatre has had many benefits in the past century, which includes the development of theatre festivals around the world and the creation of the world wide web which allows us to share the latest happenings in the theatre world of theatre. It is also allowed people to view the performances of famous and well-known actors and actresses all over the world in their own language, which has made it far easier to communicate with them and to experience their work.